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Storify and Journalism: An Exploration (via Anna’s Cubby Hole: Ramblings of a Cub Reporter)

Interesting, have heard about this but not explored it yet. Thanks for the info!

Storify and Journalism: An Exploration It's a little embarrassing for a media/journalism junkie to admit, but I just discovered Storify this morning. I'm hoping to use it for future blog posts, but my first story will be an investigation of Storify's impact on media and journalistic potential. From what I can tell so far, Storify is an interactive tool for people to easily create stories using tweets, Facebook statuses and links. From their FAQ: Storify is a way to tell stories using … Read More

via Anna's Cubby Hole: Ramblings of a Cub Reporter


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Selling Snake Oil in the Age of Social Media (via Matt Moore Writes…)

Good points, useful to hear. It does seem like folks are almost rushing to create a new bubble du jour, an activity bubble of internet content/hype than seems inevitably heading towards its own crash of some kind. Sad, given how much important work there actually is to be done in these days of rapid, momentous changes.

In large organizations, we hire outside consultants and contractors to carry out large projects and take advantage of their expertise. In the age of Facebook and YouTube, experience in social media is a common perquisite to bid on communications contracts. And while thick, glossy bids arrive with examples of creating YouTube videos and launching Facebook pages, more and more I’m seeing that some so-called “experts” have pushed buttons or written … Read More

via Matt Moore Writes…

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G1 Blueprint Top 14 Social Networks (via Social Local Mobile Marketing)

Aha! One vote on my question-du-jour (albeit unintentional) of which out of the hundreds out there are optimal site for social presence. Delightful!

Content syndication using the PixelPipe service model can be a great way to expand the reach of your content once you figure out which of the hundreds of social networking sites you want to publish your audio, video, text, photos and file too. Here are the top social networks I use on a frequent basis: Facebook Twitter Delicious DIGG Flickr LinkedIN Slide Share Stumble Upon Technorati YouTube Hub Pages Squidoo Lens Ezine Articles Blogger For thos … Read More

via Social Local Mobile Marketing

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