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New Site-Member Metro blog post!

Can you match these theaters with their Mission Statement?

The twin cities is of course known for its vibrant theater community (more theaters per person than NYC!), and Kathy’s blog brings fresh insight every month.

Try her quiz and see how many you get right!

(Two weeks of early Fun – we’ll have to be extra serious next week!)


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Fun Friday smorgasbord

For Fun Friday this week, here are some items for your enjoyment:

River Art from Friends of the Mississippi River!

Energy FunFest
with the Neighborhood Energy Connection, coming soon on April 9.

And Coffee House Press celebrates St.Patrick’s Day with literary conversations:
Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig, or Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Andrea brought in delicious stout cupcakes and Tricia baked some traditional Irish soda bread. And everyone is in green! What’s your favorite Irish movie, Irish writer, or Irish song? (The Quiet Man, Joseph O’Neill, Fields of Athenry)

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The End of the Dollar Bill? High Cotton Prices Could Force $1 Coin (via NewsFeed)

Makes sense..

It turns out $1 bills are worth less than the paper they're printed on. So-called "paper money" is composed of 75% cotton and 25% linen. This means that money printers are being badly hit by the global increase in cotton prices. In 2010, the cost of making one bill was 50% more than it had been in 2008. That's a hell of a leap for such a little piece of "paper". (More on TIME.com: See pictures of the dangerous history of printing money) Multiply … Read More

via NewsFeed

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New Macbook!

Just gets smaller and smaller!


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Fun Friday!

Radio Trivia Madnesss just one week away!

And more skating this winter, woo-hoo!

Also Music!
On Saturday, February 5, the Twin Cities Women’s Choir will meet with traditional Irish musicians, the HiBs and special guests for an interesting and potentially powerful mashup called Celtic Fire. This article about it written by Ann Treacy, site-member (Treacy Information Services)!

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Lincoln Sq (via Dan Blystone)

Local community continues through the storm..

Lincoln Sq

via Dan Blystone

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In the middle of the lake (via Linda Staats’ Photo Blog)


In the middle of the lake The past week was all about winter here in the Twin Cities.  It was the St. Paul Winter Carnival with its ice and snow sculptures along with all the outdoor activities associated with the event.  I was fortunate to have a dear friend from the Seattle area here visiting (yes, people really do come to Minnesota for vacations!).  I wanted to show her something that's unique to our area in the winter time besides all the piles of snow that are gracin … Read More

via Linda Staats' Photo Blog

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