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Top 100 most popular Google+ Users (via Social Local Mobile Marketing)

Looks like an interesting feature for those closely managing their Google + presence!

Top 100 most popular Google+ Users Via Scoop.it – Google+ Project vs Facebook Top 100 most popular Google+ users   Google+ Statistics currently tracks and generates detailed statistics for 45,426 users and pulls in hundreds of the most popular posts, every second of the day, from Google+.   Add yourself (see sidebar) so we can start tracking your personal Google+ statistics too. You can see how many people added you to their circles, how you grow over time and where you rank in th … Read More

via Social Local Mobile Marketing


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Brand Love (via @karenbaglin)

So important!

Brands and branding have taken over my brain recently like an addiction.  Began with @berniebay emphasizing the need for personal branding in the ever-expanding social media environment and still uncertain economy. His message struck a chord:  moved to a sunny clime almost 18 months ago; bought a place and worked from home on a ‘Big Brand’ project until they didn’t renew.  Six months later was laid off in an area with 12% unemployment, where no o … Read More

via @karenbaglin

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5 things a freelance writer should do on Twitter every day (via The official blog of Helium.com)

Great list! I’m such a newbie, content like this lets me know how far I have to go yet. But at least I’ll be heading in the right direction!

5 things a freelance writer should do on Twitter every day You might be spending an hour on Twitter already, but that time can be a waste if you're not sure what to do or how to do it.  Below are our five tips on what every freelance writer should be doing every day to increase their exposure and enhance their Twitter experience. 1. Find someone in your niche and follow them … Read More

via The official blog of Helium.com


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Brickfish contest – more on Viral Map (showing social media results)

So, this contest that my daughter entered ends this Wednesday.

I’ve learned a bit about how things work in the Brickfish world. In fact, our entry is still flirting with the top 200, even though it’s getting down to the wire – and there are over 37,000 entries!!!

So, before this all becomes a memory in the constant onrush of today’s technology cascades, just thought I’d write a post collecting all the bits and pieces I’ve learned, especially about the social media map of theirs, in case any of you would like to participate and see how it works.

The map shows sites posted too, and then some measure of activity at each of those sites posted to. So if you want to see how it works for yourself, you could click this link to the contest, then vote (much appreciated), then click on share. You can share it to your WordPress site or to twitter or to any of over 360 other sites (can’t believe how many there are!).

That act of sharing to that other place of yours will cause the map to grow a new limb basically (and will force the print even smaller! Can zoom though, then just have to move the map around to see it all). It doesn’t happen instantly though, has taken a few hours in the past. Now, since it’s in the last few frenetic days of the contest, maybe it will happen faster? Or slower?

And after that, any votes/views from the link you posted will be displayed (proportionally, I’m thinking) in a number by the end of that new limb.

I’m new to the world of social media, but seems an interesting and good way to depict the viral spread of content across all the platforms.

Voting can be done every 12 hours, or 3 hours, or 90 minutes – if you leave the contest open and refresh your browser periodically, every refresh may count as a view, and earlier than you think, you’ll be able to vote again.

I would love to know if you’d like to leave a note as to where you posted it (and will visit any sites/follow/subscribe etc..). Thanks much, and if you have any questions I’ll answer to the best of my abilities!

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Social Media Experiment log – Day 8 (or so).

First, here’s the Brickfish contest link, which I’m involved in through a family member.

Ok, so last week was frenzy week, establishing web presence right and left, Tweeting and Stumbling and LiveJournaling and everything. Take away: there is a LOT going on in the internets! There are many choices to make and intentionalities to establish. I am excited about the nuances and varieties available for every possible message to every single particular distinct audience. Breathtaking!

Secondly, the contest itself has been like an amusement park ride. I’ve learned a lot through it.

It does provide gratification – when you post to another platform and there are votes – it shows on the viral map! But the gratification is delayed, and is not in a 1:1 correspondence with reality – the numbers for each platform are, I think, a proportion – but am not sure. I’m sure they aren’t votes specifically or views specifically either. So there’s response to action, but also a kind of looseness that makes it even more interesting sort of. I’ve learned about various platforms, and also about the Brickfish contest itself.

Sometimes I’ve learned about Brickfish that there is nothing to ‘learn’ – that sufficient information is not available. And that’s fine.. I would just like to know beyond that point sometimes.. For instance, I’m very curious about ‘other,’ which has aggregated a lot of activity. I first thought that was where sites with less activity were accumulated, but Hi5 and Xanga and MySpace showed up with ‘1’ and ‘2’ and so on. Kind of rules that out. So now I’m wondering – is it sites not based in the US? Non-English-language sites? Some whole other categorization completely? Would love to know..

I like the viral map a lot, but since all of us established it on so many platforms, it got really teensy tiny. And it doesn’t genie! Would be cool if it did the Apple-Dock thing, expanding on mouse-over, then contracting again.

You can expand the whole viral map, which makes it not fit in the window, then you can move the map around to see all of it bit by bit. So that works.

Also the Geo view is very interesting. According to it, all the views from Minnesota (where we’re from) total only about 1/4 of the views of this picture. I find that very surprising – I mean I appreciate everyone’s interest, but really? Just surprises me.

Then the whole mechanics as far as how often it was possible to vote, that’s been provocative. At first it was clearly once every 12 hours per browser/os/computer. Then sometimes the waiting period was 10 hours. Then… sometimes only 3 hours! Sometimes the browser would say ‘you can vote again in 7 hours’ for instance, I’d refresh half an hour later and it would say ‘you can vote in 1 hr’. I don’t know what to make of it! That sort of thing can almost become compelling, in and of itself.

Overall, I have to say it’s been a great fit for my own process, since I have this entity (Clarity Solutions) and my site-members and all, and I’ve been wanting to explore platforms and become more proficient with Hootsuite and all. It’s been Completely Perfect for that process of mine. Like when I was learning a new language, and at that point was working in the suburbs and had an hour-long commute, and so could listen to my language CD the whole time. A perfect fit.

I hope I haven’t been too pushy about it! On the other hand, any views/votes always welcome, and any ideas about further promotions (runs till 2/9) are very welcome! But also about staying this side of excessive..

Win/win is always my goal!

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Brickfish Social Media: On Top of the World.

So, as I was mentioning yesterday, this link at the top of this post is for the photo that a family member entered in to this contest on Brickfish.

This is a multi-layered reality.

The initial layer is a contest for a scholarship amount or cool camera. We know we’re not likely to win it, but it’s fun trying.

The second layer is this: I’ve been using this interlude as a launching pad to deepen my relationship with various social media platforms, trying to reach out and establish a presence on them as have activity from them. And it’s been greatly successful, and also very fun! You see, there’s a map of the viral activity below the photo itself, so it is all very concrete. Except for the parts that are completely mysterious, like what moves the numbers up exactly, and what is in ‘other’. But, there is concreteness there.

In particular, I celebrate all non-Facebook sites having a strong presence, it relaxes me in the face of all the web=facebook talk.

The third layer of this experience is my relationship to all these different platforms – which will outlive this contest. I know there is a lot out there, and I have been meaning to partake more over time. Suddenly, that time is now! And it’s great, I’m really happy about jump starting my adoption process this way.

So, if you’re so inclined, I’d be delighted if you would view the link and vote if you like (even just viewing is very important), and we can celebrate the WordPress presence (unless it remains shrouded in ‘other’, which would be a shame).


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