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Brickfish Social Media: On Top of the World

Brickfish Social Media: On Top of the World.

A fresh, new posting to that social media contest my daughter entered.. and which has been the impetus for lots of new media presence for my consulting company as a result.

Ends Wednesday..


Your votes/ views/ postings much welcome!


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Brickfish Social Media: On Top of the World.

So, as I was mentioning yesterday, this link at the top of this post is for the photo that a family member entered in to this contest on Brickfish.

This is a multi-layered reality.

The initial layer is a contest for a scholarship amount or cool camera. We know we’re not likely to win it, but it’s fun trying.

The second layer is this: I’ve been using this interlude as a launching pad to deepen my relationship with various social media platforms, trying to reach out and establish a presence on them as have activity from them. And it’s been greatly successful, and also very fun! You see, there’s a map of the viral activity below the photo itself, so it is all very concrete. Except for the parts that are completely mysterious, like what moves the numbers up exactly, and what is in ‘other’. But, there is concreteness there.

In particular, I celebrate all non-Facebook sites having a strong presence, it relaxes me in the face of all the web=facebook talk.

The third layer of this experience is my relationship to all these different platforms – which will outlive this contest. I know there is a lot out there, and I have been meaning to partake more over time. Suddenly, that time is now! And it’s great, I’m really happy about jump starting my adoption process this way.

So, if you’re so inclined, I’d be delighted if you would view the link and vote if you like (even just viewing is very important), and we can celebrate the WordPress presence (unless it remains shrouded in ‘other’, which would be a shame).


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