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The secret to great SEO (via NSS News)

Great content, hmm. Will have to see about that. 🙂

The secret to great SEO This gem just popped up on Twitter: alison Alison Zarrella Great point from @saffyre9 at #pubcon "Good content is the key to effective SEO."  There have been several (dozen) iterations of the same tweet and retweet (wetweet?). And the Editorial Board here at NSS says this is classic NSS News, although it's being treated as if some stunning revelation. How's that again, creating good content that is of use to people is the best way to build S … Read More

via NSS News


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A “Publishing Ecosystem” (via Publishing/Writing: Insights, News, Intrigue)

Sounds really interesting!

A "Publishing Ecosystem" What would it be worth to you to visit sites and just read the real content you're interested in without all the ads, announcements, etc.? AND have this content delivered in a straightforward, easily readable format? AND still allow for the compensation of the authors of the great content you are most interested in (so they will continu … Read More

via Publishing/Writing: Insights, News, Intrigue

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