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Feature of this accounting life – more audits!

When employed by a single company/organization, an accountant has one audit per year.

Now though, working as an independent contractor with multiple organizations, there is no such restriction!

So currently I’m participating in my fourth nonprofit organizational audit in the last 12 months, second to have a federal component. Happy!

But somewhat busy, hence the dearth of posts. Will be posting some to catch up today, and then hopefully staying more current going forward!


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Clarity Sol Anniv Musings: Content Thoughts

Note: This note was originally published on my Facebook business page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Clarity-Solutions/386518234391), which was my initial business site. My initial one, this time around anyway – I’ve been consulting on-and-off since 1997. I established the page on Facebook first because it was so easy, and I had a ready audience there, etc.. But the Facebook concerns continue to persist. So my presence here on WordPress is exciting for me, as I explore this site for my main public presence.

So, as part of my first-year anniversary review and upgrade of operations here, I wanted to share a bit about my content thoughts.

Since getting involved more w/ Twitter, it’s become impossible to stick to the Tuesday-News, Wednesday-Wisdom, Thursday-Technology pattern.

Because my intention is to share with you the most useful material I find, when it’s most useful (which usually means asap). Holding things for a day or two or five, so that it finds the content definition on the calendar, doesn’t make much sense.

The way in which we could still use that (cause I did like it) is in the case of authored material.. several of you have requests outstanding for material, and all of you are always welcome to write something. So if it fit for you, or for me if I do that, we could use the framework in that case.

Of course, Friday is always Friday! Meaning, it’s certainly always important to take into account the community in which we live, to focus on work-life balance, and to be aware of our neighbors and all that is going on around us. To support the entire community, for the greater good. So, I generally don’t post as much business-y material that day (unless it is amazingly useful and good), and focus instead on community awareness, with a particular focus on the activities of Site-Members.

Speaking of which, Site-Member profiles have always been on Monday, with no other content posted that day usually. Again, that’s started to feel more artificial than useful. So now I post other things on Mondays too. And the Profile(s) will still often go up on Mondays, in their place as being of crucial importance. But they may be on other days instead/as well.

And I’m starting to invite additional site-members, which I’m going to write its own post about. But feel free each of you as well, if you know someone who holds the values of collective well-being and inclusion and ethical conduct. I had been holding back due to Facebook concerns, and this being the primary site. But that’s changed a bit (which I’ll also write more about).

What also happened around going on to Twitter was I established Clarity Solutions websites on WordPress, WordPad, and Blogger (gmail’s).. in addition to the site on Tumblr which went up last fall. All of which adds up to a lot of posting.

So I’m thinking to look in to Postling, but even so, will still be a lot.

As well as that, an idea I’ve been mulling over seems to be sticking – I’m thinking to open up one of those other sites each day, and post to it (as well as here), and pull from there to here, and so on. That way each of them will be updated at least once a week, this site will get the FB-type content from there, and it will be more manageable.

On each of those sites I’m building a set of sites I follow, they may eventually follow me, the content and tone is somewhat different in each case, and so there’s really a different community in place at each one.

So any feedback/suggestions etc… are welcome. And I’ll update further as things move forward!

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New focused twitter account – ClaritySol_SocM

I’ve started an additional Clarity Solutions twitter account, because my involvement in the Brickfish contest has brought me in to contact with new twitter folks, and many of them focus on Social Marketing. Much of my regular Clarity Solutions content is on subjects other than social marketing, so I thought I’d provide a more focused channel to help keep the signal to noise ratio as high as possible.

My specific goals for the account (and my social media process in general – not counting the contest) are:

1. to learn about social media, while providing interesting/informative content to those I’m in contact with
2. so that I can eventually interact intelligently with social media processes in my work life, especially with clients

I hope if social media is an interest of yours, that you’ll follow that account. Promise I’ll follow you back (unless your account seems spammy of course!). And there’s always the regular account: ClaritySol – for everyone generally! Thanks!

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