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Are You Connected? You Can Be With New Social Media Aggregator (via Sales and Sales Management Blog)

Sounds like an interesting option.

Do you have contacts on LinkedIn?  Followers on Twitter?  Friends on Facebook?  Contacts in Gmail?  Do you have appointments with some of these contacts?  Do you try to keep up with their blog posts, tweets, birthdays, job changes, and other activities? If you do, you probably have a bit of a problem keeping up with literally thousands of business and social contacts.  It takes time to navigate through all of the platforms.  It probably has becom … Read More

via Sales and Sales Management Blog


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Sole entrepreneur websites – Then and Now

Back when I first had a consulting practice, in the 1997 – 2000 period, online marketing was very different.

I put up a website (had worked at an ISP, learned a bit there) using one of those do-it-yourself software programs (will post the name when it comes to me), managing all the linkages and parent-child relationships, choosing the look from the set options, etc..

It was a lot of work, but fun too. Then, I published it!

On to my domain that I had registered, via an ISP I had a relationship with.

And then I waited, hopefully, for people to find it!

It was like constructing this beautiful, elaborate structure.. on the edge of a cliff. Then, standing beside it, staring out into the vastness — hoping that some human energy from somewhere would boomerang back in return. Certainly that did happen, sometimes, for some people. Not so much for me though. Accounting services just aren’t all that compelling, really. Lesson learned, now all sorts of other content as well. Still – so nice to not have that chasm-staring thing going on any more!

I didn’t know anything about whatever search processes were in place at the time. There certainly was no online blog community like this with any ‘dashboard’ or ‘followers’ or anything.

Just had to hope that somebody would click on it from my web address in an email, or from a posting on an online forum.

Things are *so* different now.

I tend to look askance at some aspects of social media – the inserting of commercial relationships in to other social contexts, the privacy issues, the manipulations. However, the ease of access itself is so wonderful now. Remembering back makes me that much more grateful for all that is in place now. Definitely worth the struggle of minimizing the bad to have the good!

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Some Conclusions to ‘Who Controls Social Media?’ (via Publishing/Writing: Insights, News, Intrigue)

A peek in to the big leagues..

Some Conclusions to 'Who Controls Social Media?' One week ago I posted "Who Controls Social Media?" on my Writers Welcome Blog. Today, on this blog, I am giving some answers to this question. Answers provided by Facebook responses to Matt Kinsman's original article in FOLIO magazine For Publishers, Who Are the Gatekeepers of Social Media? Some interesting answers with conclusions in line with my own that I provided on my Writers Welcome Blog post. Follow-up article by Matt Kinsman, executive ed … Read More

via Publishing/Writing: Insights, News, Intrigue

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