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I am an atypical accountant, who has diversified to an extent for support purposes. To my clients (the very few) I provide internal accounting expertise to supplement their employee staff.

To the community I provide networking and technology support as possible. I participate in current technologies so as to remain current and take part in the important changes taking place. The community as a whole is rather large, so I focus on a smaller group of business owners who I’ve become connected with. They have ‘liked’ the Clarity Solutions Facebook page, and I call them Site-Members.

This site exists both to communicate about my accounting practice and to be a community resource: Seeking out and sharing community sustenance and support for our collective survival.

To that end, there was originally a weekly structure to the content, as described below. As time went on (and especially once I started accessing twitter more regularly), that schedule was too limiting. So now in the twitter feed you’ll see content of these types and more, all the time. The two time-specific aspects we have retained though are Site-Member Profiles on Mondays, and ‘Fun’ items on Fridays!

Your participation is always welcome!


Monday Fan Profile – Profile(s) of small businesses in our community: the more we spend our money consciously in ways that embody our values, the better for all of us. Please consider our profiled business and whether they could be of assistance to you or others you know.
Also, see ‘Fan Profile’ note for the framework and how to submit your business or that of your friends/family.
Tuesday Business News – News and Information of use and/or interest: items welcome, please include reference.
Wednesday’s Word to the Wise – Insight for sustenance in these difficult days. This will be information that resonates and is topical for a broad range of people.
Thursday Tech Tips – Technology Tidbits: resource and information on the ever-surging flows of computer and other business-use technology
Friday Fun – Kaleidescope of humor, photos, work/life balance content, recipes, and anything else that strikes our fancy. As with the rest, submissions welcome!

The stronger we all are, the stronger we all are!


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