Things others write about their work, that I can’t imagine ever fitting for me:

Travel highlights – Travel not involved (at this point, anyway)

Convention updates – mine on nonprofit accounting – truly just not as scintillating. I know you would think they would be, but I’m gonna play it safe and say no.

Project descriptions – um, that’s a no. Completely confidential

Great seeing X and Y for lunch meeting at Z! None of those deal-making events with big name folks on my docket. I more tend to simply eat food, with possible conversation as well.

Here’s a cool drawing/sketch/photo-shoot pic/illustration – nada

Whinging about this or that negative situation at work – well ok first of all, all my client/work spaces are heavenly, aren’t they? No but really, they’re grand, absolutely nothing to complain about. Secondly, that once-in-a-blue-moon when something does come up, well I’m not going to inflate or make-worse something in that manner, am I? Nope. Can’t imagine how people do that as often as they do, actually. Are they each sure that nobody reading their tweets knows anyone who might ever tell the other ones involved anything about it ever? Really?

Which leaves a very small segment of content areas that I can write about, in a particular way. These include mainly support of others content that I believe to be constructive, which I may have had some small bit of experience with – just enough to feel that it’s valid. Or general comments relating to work in general, organizations in general, offices in general, recession-outcomes in general, etc…  Actually since I first wrote this – as often happens – it created change, and I have felt like writing on more topics. One thing I’ve started doing is a partial column on social media, from my perspective as a lay person, and/or user reviews. So that’s been fun.

The rest of the time – I share other’s content. Not just because it is great information that I believe will be interesting to my readers..but also within the ‘speech as action’ framework. I am happy to actively support others in my community by sharing their content, supporting their online presence, and helping them link up with a wider audience.


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