I am an atypical accountant, who has diversified to an extent for support purposes.

To my clients (the very few) I provide internal accounting expertise to supplement their employee staff.

To the community I provide networking and technology support as possible. I participate in current technologies so as to remain current and take part in the important changes taking place.

I have over two decades of experience in all things accounting, and related aspects of small business/nonprofit support. I have worked in both for-profit and not for profit, small and large, local, regional and national.  

My practice has centered on the highest quality internal accounting processes: instituting them during initial accounting software implementation, ensuring their maintenance during transitions, strengthening them during periods of change. I have helped a number of companies/organizations choose, implement and optimize accounting systems including various software packages.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and I have also taken career coursework in computer systems, databases, human resources and benefits management and ongoing accounting and finance topics throughout.

Social Networks:
Google + at Clarity Solutions
Google Plus (self) Claire Stokes
LinkedIN: Claire Stokes Profile
ClaritySol (main account)
ClaritySol_SocM (social media specific)
StokesC_CS (self)
Facebook: Clarity Solutions Page


2 responses to “About

  1. Hi Claire, lovely to meet you and share blog posts and comments… I will enjoy looking forward to and reading your views xc

  2. Thanks Charlie! Same here! I am just getting started as you can see, I really appreciate your notes!

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