Google Plus: Content-rich snapshot of today’s information and reactions

from savvy early-adopters, via twitter! (see acknowledgements)

for a Google + invite, see this blog post from Nick LeRoy!

So, just over a week after the launch of this new super-suite of applications, and the response is intense! After seeing so many articles and blogs etc.. I decided to bring together the most useful bits I’ve seen, for the convenience of my readers.

For a quick, intense set of facts on Google +, here’s the Google+ 50 from Chris Brogan.

Google Plus – the new spectacular, all-in-one web-connection machine is kind of similar to Facebook and Twitter, is said to be possibly replacing both as well as Skype, yet is very different. It is intended for both personal and business use, and will soon have company ‘pages’ like Facebook. It provides an opportunity for you to interact with other pages (+1 them), similar to ‘like’ –ing them.

In referring to it, I’m using Google + and Google Plus interchangeably, mainly using Google Plus when it’s before some punctuation symbol that would look weird coming after a + symbol. Some also refer to it simply as ‘Plus’.

This fascinating article from Jay Baer (Convince & Convert) argues that Google + is the perfect fit for how our use of the web is now, because it’s not so much about whole pages as small bits of sharable content – posts and tweets and photos and whatnot. And that – having to do with popularity rankings and search processes, as well, Google + is perfect for both people’s personal use and business presences/interactions.

Besides these positive impressions, there are a few warnings. Or not so much warnings as things to be aware of. In particular, Google + is more like Twitter than Facebook in that the default is for everything to be public. You can restrict content to ‘circles’ of people, but if you don’t go out of your way to do that, it’s public. Similarly, your Google profile itself (that is at the core of Google +) is now required to be public for the minimal info (your name and gender). Other profile info can be private, but that data must be public as of a recent change.

The other thing-to-be-aware-of is in that same vein – privacy, or the lack of it. This article by NakedSecurity highlights all the policies that Google has instituted around privacy, that will especially come in to play with Google Plus (there are 37 all together).

Should you hurry up to get started with it as soon as possible? Well, one thing is, it’s in closed beta still to the general public, so you may not be able to.

Once the next phase comes, if you like being an early-adopter, if you have an active web community you often connect with, then probably yes. Sure, it will be there later on, but there is a lot of excitement about it and it looks like it’s worth the investment!

Be aware though – there are fake Google + invitations circulating at this point that are actually spam, containing only links to a pharmaceutical site!

Anyway, once you do get started, the web urls default for each person are long and cumbersome, so here is how to get a short ‘vanity’ url thanks to

For business owners, Google + shows definite promise of professional functionality, as ReadWriteWeb describes.

For businesses themselves, the site is not yet geared up for that, but according to, ‘pages’ for businesses are coming very soon.

To get started, here is a video from ExploringSocialMedia taking you through all the steps involved (10 minutes). Also, here is an introduction from Google themselves. And here is a how-to guide written by early users of Google Plus. And here’s a list of tips.

By being an early adopter, you’ll join some pretty auspicious company. Here’s a list of power users put together by Steve Rubel, as of 7 days after launch!

So, lots more out there of course, but hopefully this is useful resource collection! All comments, tips, additional great resources welcome. I’ll review again in a bit then!

And don’t forget, for a Google + invite, see this blog post from Nick LeRoy!

Acknowledgements: These wonderful twitter folks provided the material in this post: @ipHouse, @steveruble, @rjfrasca, @spinsucks, @HaggbergConsult, @timoreilly, @brainpicker, @glenn_ferrell, @GOOGLE_INFOS, @NickLeRoy.

Also here is a site listing:,,, NakedSecurity,,, PCWorld,,,,


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