Site-Member Profile: Treacy Information Services!

Year Established: 2002

Business/Organization Name: Treacy Information Services

Owner/Executive Director Name: Ann Treacy

Product/Service: Web site development, search engine optimization and social media strategy

Unique Features/Competitive Advantage:

We work primarily with small businesses on realistic online market plans that fit your budget and busy calendar

Contact Information:

Ann Treacy Treacy Information Services 1841 Fairmount Ave St Paul MN 55105 651-212-9107

Notes/Misc other:

Treacy Info has worked with a wide range of businesses including resorts, manufacturers, business service providers and nonprofits.

We provide training and mentoring to businesses that are interested in managing their online marketing.

We also provide full service online marketing services to businesses that prefer to outsource all aspects.

Treacy Info strives to bring balance to online marketing taking into consideration a business’s budget and goals as well as opportunities in new media.

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