Twitter management: Friend or Follow site!

I have to say, the friend or follow site is just the bees knees!

It displays clearly which twitter accounts fall in to each of three categories:

Follow (you follow them, they don’t follow back)
Fan (they follow you, you don’t follow back)
Friend (mutual follow)

When you click on each twitter image for any of those accounts, it opens up the twitter page for that person.

Up to this point, anyone can do this for any account. I can look at who is friends vs. follows etc.. on anyone else’s account. Just like in the twitter page of course.

But once it gets to the twitter page for that particular account, if you log in to your account, then you can add them to lists (or delete them) and change your follow decision if you want. You can leave that page open, and click on the next image, and make any changes to your relationship to that next twitter account.

In this way I’ve unfollowed a large number of folks, from the days when I was new and was following enthusiastically.

Now, instead, I use Hootsuite and lists to get content. I could have all my content that I have now without following anyone, using Hootsuite.

So following people become more about the relationship, as ‘friend or follow’ suggests. It’s also about future relationships, since those mutual follows are shown to people looking at your twitter profile. You want to have mutual follows of the folks who you seek as an audience.

This is really about optimal client profiles, and from that determining your optimal Twitter follow – who do you want to be hearing your tweets? Who do those people follow? What are shared commonalities in those communities?

Really a fascinating process. Kind of like looking at the world, not with 3D glasses, but with .. twitter glasses… looking at how people present themselves and what their content is and who they are talking to; and how that relates with your goals.

Back to the friendorfollow site – I found that it worked really well to work from the bottom up. Because it leaves the list in the same order from top down, so if you work from bottom up, you can make consistent progress and always know where you are.

And, personally, I think it’s really smart how they handle the initial delay of gathering the data to present to you: they say ‘if you’re popular this might take a while.’ Isn’t that perfect? They length of the delay is.. a good thing – shows how popular you are! I really think that ability to present content positively is a great strength, generally, but also especially these days when – guaranteed – everyone pretty much is stressed out etc.. and then petting the bunny’s head, just for those few last endorphins. Perfect.

Then there are actually further site features that I haven’t even explored yet very much: you can sort the list in 8 different ways: username (default), actual name, location, followers, following, last tweet, account age. So great – with account age, the oldest are at the bottom of the page, newest at the top. With last tweet, the account whose most recent tweet was the farthest in the past are at the bottom of the page, most recent tweet is first. By location shows first the accounts who’ve left location blank, then it’s in alphabetical order.

You can export the list is csv format, which can then be turned in to a spreadsheet very easily. For those who are very data-driven. Also there are three types of users, default is for them to show you all three, but you can uncheck any boxes you like: protected, verified, normal.

So there is a bit of information on another great twitter tool that I’ve used and much appreciated. Comments on your experiences also very welcome!


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