Hootsuite: New Features! Exciting!

I love Hootsuite.

It took me (seriously) a while to get comfortable with it. But now I just adore it.

I mean, all the volume of content still is a bit much at times.

But overall it works well for me and I haven’t even considered using any other similar program.

I schedule messages quite a bit, since I’m working under the belief that having tweets spaced at least 45 – 60 minutes apart is optimal. My actual work life doesn’t allow for being with Twitter all day long every day. So the time I do have, I use to gather content and send it out again – in the future.

Now, that is one area that I’ve been less than enthusiastic about – the scheduling. I mean, it’s worked fine as far as doing what it’s supposed to do. But when I’m scheduling 8 messages for a work day ahead, first thing in the morning, it’s not easy to keep all those times in mind to fit new things in to the stream optimally.

I didn’t really fret about it though, I figured with all they have going on, they would probably be addressing that.

And now Hootsuite has made all my dreams come true. There is a ‘Publisher’ window, 2nd-from-the-top over on the left side, which shows you all your scheduled tweets! And, more than that, you are able to revise your scheduled times for any of the scheduled tweets! And you can edit the tweets themselves!

I am extremely happy. Now the process of tweeting is much closer to the process of good writing – you can brainstorm basically, set up various tweets. Leave it for a bit. Then come back to it, go in to ‘Publisher,’ and edit what you’ve written as you look at the full set of items all together.

Maybe you were going to re-tweet one particular item about a new development, that had a link to a good source of information about that development. A little bit later, you come across a better reporting of that new development. Before, it didn’t matter. That tweet you had scheduled was gone, you had no way to revise it, you just had to live with it.

Now that artificial ceiling on the quality of your tweets has been removed! You find better content, you can replace that in!

Each tweet you send can now be its actual best self!



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9 responses to “Hootsuite: New Features! Exciting!

  1. Thanks for your thorough review and kind words Claire. We work diligently to build social media tools which solve real problems. I think the Publisher tool will be a great help for planning complex campaigns. Let us know how it works for you and if you have any ideas to improve.

    Best from Dave and the rest of the Owls

    • As far as I’m concerned, this Publisher tool is a complete success! Thanks much for your reply, I will certainly mention ongoing experiences in the future!

  2. I am also getting used to Hootsuite 🙂
    Greetings from Peru

    • It’s a lot to become familiar with, isn’t it? Definitely worth it though, I would say.

      The experience just gets better and better as time goes on.

      Thanks for writing! See you in the twittersphere!


  3. Yes it took a while to get use to.
    What I like most is the integrated search feature….
    Also choosing/swapping between Tweetdeck and Hootsuite wasn´t easy.

    • I started using Hootsuite before I was even really using Twitter much, so it was all pretty opaque at first. There were several months where I would open it, look around, get overwhelmed, close it and go on with my day. Finally I had this contest I was participating in for my daughter involving social media, finally broke through and became familiar enough to really start learning it.

      Yes, the search feature is great.

      I skipped over that whole comparison process. I heard one recommendation for Hootsuite, and went ahead and tried it. I figured if I didn’t like it, I’d try something else, but if it worked ok, I’d just stick with it (since I don’t have all the time in the world to explore these things). Even while I was overwhelmed, it was a relatively positive kind of reaction. Have been happy ever since.

  4. Thanks again Claire for your feedback.

    We’ve just announced an update to the dashboard including the return of the Pending Updates stream.

    The Publisher and Pending stream are now interchangeable allowing you to schedule and manage with your preferred tool. In most cases, your previous Pending Update streams will also re-appear.

    While we were at it, we increased the limit on Batch Scheduling to 200 per social network (in batches of 50) and improved support for international character sets.

    Please take a spin and let us know what you think: http://owl.li/5oj2e

    Thanks, @drobleshoots

    • Oh, I see. I hadn’t been aware of the pending streams, so the ‘publisher’ feature was brand new to me. Nice to have both available.

      Thanks much for mentioning that!

      And I was having a hard time seeing your whole post. Now I do though – will definitely try that out and share results!

      The one thing that I’m looking forward to also though is a little bit better-working list functionality. I use those a lot. When I click on a twitter account, and use the add list button over on the right, it brings up that list of my lists. But I have so many, tends to not include them all. Seems to include most recently used, which makes sense.

      But then also I renamed some lists (in Twitter), and HootSuite still presents the old list names. Works fine (still adds the person to the mis-named list), just not quite optimal. And with HootSuite being so close to perfect, you know, it’s disorienting! 🙂

      All in all still, HootSuite is wonderful and I love using it!


  5. Ok, I tried the new-renewed Pending Stream. I *much* prefer the Publisher option!

    Already have many tabs, and many streams per tab. The Publisher being off the left-side menu bar is a HUGE plus.
    The Publisher shows me all tweets scheduled for the multiple accounts I access. And there’s enough space to see a good number of them. With the pending stream, is specific to only one account. Nix nix. I want to see all of them. I could have 3 pending streams side-by-side, but I like to have whole tabs that are account-specific. So that would violate that logic.
    The Publisher though, having all accounts together is perfect, because at that point (in advance of scheduling) the ‘which-account’ decision is still change-able. Along with tweet content and timing. Perfect.

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