Site-Member Profile: KJE Design LLC[ design that works ]™

Year established: 1987

Business name:KJE Design LLC[ design that works ]™

Owner/Executive Director name:Karen Engelbretson

Service:Graphic design. I help small businesses succeed with identity and brand design, direct marketing, advertising, promotions, website design and development. For large companies, I create engaging employee communications that help workers understand the value and complexities of their compensation and benefits. For local and state governments, I design and illustrate communications that encourage water quality protection and wildlife habitat restoration.

Unique features, competitive advantage:KJE Design is a collaboration of talented professionals working in design, content development, illustration, animation, photography, web development and printing. I match my clients and their projects with extraordinary talent and services. Together we consistently exceed expectations.

Contact information:Karen Engelbretson
KJE Design LLC


Recent comment about a compensation brochure…”I thought this communication was extremely well done. You took a complex issue with a lot of moving parts and presented it in a very straight-forward manner. The design was very aesthetically pleasing… the charts, tables and graphs very helpful. We often underestimate the impact of a well designed document. Personally I know I am much more likely to read material that looks good.”

A local small business responds to their website…”Your design is crisp, very unique and fun. It well represents our company’s slogan and service. Ease of navigation, clear and readable – almost lyrical – text. You’ve captured our essence. You really know us, to be able to boil us down to the bare bones, and distill our flavor.”

During her conference, a client takes time to email…”Thank you so much for your hard work. We love you! Can’t tell you how much everyone thinks the booklet, banners, postcards are amazing. Yes, they are being hoarded.”

Following a branding and web development project, music to my ears…”What a classy job you did for us, Karen. Thank you!”

Karen’s *other* emerging business: KJE Felties! There is a Facebook page for that business as well, and here is the photo page from it:

Special Bonus:

Native plant illustrations!

See the full collection here:


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