Site-Member Profile: Tiger-Ox Painting, LLC

Date Established: 2001.

Business/Organization Name: TigerOx Painting, LLC

Owner/Executive Director Name:

TigerOx is a partnership between four equal partners, Anders Christensen, Ceridwen Christensen, Rachel Taylor and Jeremy Wikre.

When we first formed our company, we were very much four individual contractors. Each one of us was involved in every area of the business, because that is how we were used to doing business for ourselves. It took us a long while to differentiate our responsibilities.

Anders, with his much broader experience in the industry, naturally is much more involved in the public interactions: meeting clients, doing estimates, etc. Jeremy does production management. Ceridwen moved away from production when she was having her children, and took over the marketing and estimating aspects at that point. Rachel is currently on maternity leave.


TigerOx Painting, LLC, is a residential painting contractor, but saying we are painters doesn’t capture the full scope of our work. We do both interior and exterior painting. The function of exterior paint is not purely aesthetic. Paint also should behave as an unbroken skin protecting your house from the elements, especially from the intrusion of water. We never paint damaged or unprepared surfaces, and a large portion of any project we undertake is spent in preparation for painting, not in painting itself. For our interior projects, the same standards apply. We paint only after the plaster has been patched, the stains sealed, the peeling paint scraped away.

The members of TigerOx have long histories with historic Minneapolis houses, especially Anders. Anders has been interested in historic restoration and the history of building styles in Minneapolis since he bought a Victorian house in the 70s. Because of that long association, TigerOx can rehab old fashioned double-hung windows, refinish old woodwork, hang wallpaper, remove wallpaper. Not only can we do this, this is the work we enjoy.

Unique Features/Competitive Advantage:

Our unique features are part of our skills. We have broad skills and long experience with older homes. We are happy to take on odd, small or complex projects, projects that might otherwise require several different people. We have a number of regular customers who have us come in every couple of years and perform a punch list: repair a doorknob, repaint a closet, refinish three window sills. We are not just tinkerers though, and have successfully completed large painting projects, from painting the entire interior for a couple in St Paul, room by room, or painting an exterior in Minneapolis which included more than sixty traditional storm and sash windows.

TigerOx Painting is very aware that when we work on your house, it may be our work place, but it continues to be your private space. We earnestly endeavor to minimize the disruption of the painting process, from putting away tools nightly, to cleaning up paint chips and debris as we work. With the passage of new EPA standards for dealing with the preparation of areas with lead paint in them, this isn’t just good sense, this is now the law. Lead paint is present in any home built before 1978, and that means that almost all of the houses we work on have lead paint in them. We are are a lead-safe certified firm.

Contact Information

Web site:


Phone: (612) 827-2361


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