Qualify More Effectively: The New ‘BANT’ (via Alex Krawchick)

Like how people will say about themselves that they like any *good* music, so I believe, for those of us following the entrepreneurial path, nearly all *good* content about the world of business can be of interest. This marketing-anchored post being a great example. I don’t do marketing/sales, but it’s interesting to see things from this point of view.

The 'BANT' sales qualification methodology (Budget, Authority, Need and Timing) has always seemed underwhelming and incomplete to me. Fortunately, I was recently reading something about BANT (though I can't remember where) and it suggested a new sheriff in town—his name is 'FAINT.' I really like it. FAINT: Funds, Authority, Interest, Need and Timing Funds: The thesis here is that it's not just enough to look at Budget in a traditional sense, i.e. … Read More

via Alex Krawchick


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