Brickfish contest – end notes

Just got the message:

You’ve cast your final vote for this entry!

That’s so… final!!

But it makes sense, given that the general framework is voting once every 12 hours, and it ends at Midnight.

Still, am shocked! Shocked!!

I know I shouldn’t be. But .. but.. .


Also, STILL don’t know what’s in the ‘other’ category!! Our entry currently has 363 ‘other’s, what-eh-ver that means. I really hope there is some sort of ‘now you’ve been through the process, here are the answers’ sort of information set that will be provided. Not very likely I know, but would *really* like it anyway.

So, if you haven’t yet ‘cast your Final vote’ for our entry, and are willing and have time and all, would be very very grateful for your vote/view!

Thanks very much!

It has been a great impetus to acclimate and adapt and become slightly adept at various social media platforms, and it was a lot of fun too!


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