Brickfish contest – more on Viral Map (showing social media results)

So, this contest that my daughter entered ends this Wednesday.

I’ve learned a bit about how things work in the Brickfish world. In fact, our entry is still flirting with the top 200, even though it’s getting down to the wire – and there are over 37,000 entries!!!

So, before this all becomes a memory in the constant onrush of today’s technology cascades, just thought I’d write a post collecting all the bits and pieces I’ve learned, especially about the social media map of theirs, in case any of you would like to participate and see how it works.

The map shows sites posted too, and then some measure of activity at each of those sites posted to. So if you want to see how it works for yourself, you could click this link to the contest, then vote (much appreciated), then click on share. You can share it to your WordPress site or to twitter or to any of over 360 other sites (can’t believe how many there are!).

That act of sharing to that other place of yours will cause the map to grow a new limb basically (and will force the print even smaller! Can zoom though, then just have to move the map around to see it all). It doesn’t happen instantly though, has taken a few hours in the past. Now, since it’s in the last few frenetic days of the contest, maybe it will happen faster? Or slower?

And after that, any votes/views from the link you posted will be displayed (proportionally, I’m thinking) in a number by the end of that new limb.

I’m new to the world of social media, but seems an interesting and good way to depict the viral spread of content across all the platforms.

Voting can be done every 12 hours, or 3 hours, or 90 minutes – if you leave the contest open and refresh your browser periodically, every refresh may count as a view, and earlier than you think, you’ll be able to vote again.

I would love to know if you’d like to leave a note as to where you posted it (and will visit any sites/follow/subscribe etc..). Thanks much, and if you have any questions I’ll answer to the best of my abilities!


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