The Death of a Website (via An Iconoclast’s Musings)

Um, could this not actually be completely true, please? I’m just getting re-established on good old-fashioned websites, am just not ready yet for them to all be already defunct. I can accept it all going in this direction, but would really like to believe there were some rhetorical flourishes included in this great piece, and that I can continue on my current path for a few more minutes.. Personally I will never be that mobile-app-y myself; my work is on a computer in an office, and so I am.. and that time is enough for me to do whatever else I need to on the web. Hope there’s a few more of us out there for a while yet.
I like seeing general trends painted in this way though!

Picture it if you will. A website, once proud and busy it now lays dead upon the floor, like some tossed away relic from a time long ago. How did the website die? Well, it remained static. Even though its' creators believed they were using a dynamic content driven technology, the result in the end is just the same. It died. Let me say this on the subject, it didn't die suddenly, and yes, its' death could have maybe been avoided. Technologies like … Read More

via An Iconoclast's Musings


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