Site-Member Profiles

So, am in the process of posting the profiles from the current cycle, and Ann’s since I posted an article of hers yesterday (her turn hasn’t come up yet in this cycle).

These profiles are a primary linchpin of this site, which is (as well as my business site) kind of an online networking group. These are folks I know in real life, or have become acquainted with online. Their profiles and involvement here are their introduction to you, direct contact with them is advised for further information.

Additional site-members always welcome! This site is inclusive, and does not contain any content that is political or religious. The only real criteria is acceptance of those terms, that the business be owned by individuals/small group (not a MNC), and that the business be community-oriented. Community is a big part of this site.

Nonprofits also very welcome! That is actually the area I’m most active in right now.

Questions/comments/ participation always welcome!



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